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Downtown is THE place to be

Our Mission

Vision Statement

In the year 2030, West Memphis is an attractive, dynamic, busy, prosperous and exciting place to be for all age groups from a wide, regional area.

The population has grown to 50,000. Downtown businesses are meeting the demand of the expanded population, with a good business mix of services and specialty shops.

Traffic flow and parking is improved by restricting heavy truck traffic to the truck route and interstate systems.

The majority of the businesses are owner occupied.

The overall appearance is clean, well kept and inviting with well-lit sidewalks and storefronts, attractive landscaping and colorful banners.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Main Street West Memphis is to be the primary catalyst for improving the downtown business area by bringing together all elements of the community and further enhancing the overall quality of life.

Take a tour of West Memphis Downtown

West Memphis is committed to preserving the unique charm and characteristics of our downtown. The City of West Memphis is proud to sponsor the efforts of our Main Street program that establishes partnerships that bring fresh resources and ideas to our district.

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